Let's Get Started

Our Consultation is a two-step process which begins with the completion of a "Consent For Herbal Consultation" and a "Health History Intake Form". Clients 18 years old and under complete the "Pediatric History Intake Form".

The first step process is an initial 60 minute consultation where we review your comprehensive Health History Intake form which assists me getting to know you.

In approximately two weeks, the second step of the process will consist of a 30 minute follow up session where you will be provided with a customized recommendation plan which includes nutrition, lifestyle changes, dietary supplements and herbal therapeutics.

Our initial and follow up meetings will be held via Zoom meeting session.

The inclusive fee for the initial 60 minute consultation and the follow up 30 minute recommendation meeting is $225 via credit card on a Square link payable at the end of first meeting.

Subsequent follow up meetings to track continued progress and continue work on recommendations is based on time requested:

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


I look forward to working with you towards achieving your best quality of life.

Alice Bromberg, PNP-C, RH (AHG)

Herbal Alice, LLC

Email: HerbalAliceNC@gmail.com

Phone: (762) 233-2073